Our Story

Hey, we are the Arteaga family, a crazy ass family of 5.  With three kids constantly keeping us busy, we have developed a deep passion and appreciation for coffee, lots and lots of coffee ( it fuels my sanity).  In August of 2020, I was fortunate enough to discover tiktok, which has changed our lives like none other, thanks to mom fails and my wild child saying the F word of course.  This experience has allowed our family to follow our crazy and big dreams of owning my own coffee brand, while supporting the small women owned coffee farms across the world!  We want to make a change to the coffee force and the coffee farms by supporting the small percentage of farms that are owned by women and help them close the gap!  A HUGE majority of coffee farm workers are women, but sadly very few farms are OWNED by them which makes supporting the women owned and ran farms SO important for them to grow and expand. 

We hope that you will not only support our family, but also the women around the world trying to close the gap and while you're doing it, have a kick ass cup of coffee.